Abbath self-titled review

Abbath : Abbath

The Immortal frontman continues the Immortal legacy with a new band and more blistering metal.

Chthe'ilist Le Dernier Crepuscule

Chthe’ilist : Le Dernier Crépuscule

The Quebec death metal band finds melody in ugliness, and vice versa, on their Profound Lore debut.

Krallice Hyperion EP review

Krallice : Hyperion EP

The New York black metal outfit offers a short, sharp surprise of blistering metal for the new year.

Sunn O))) Kannon review

Sunn O))) : Kannon

Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson offer their shortest, simplest album in some time, which is still quite moving.

The Lion’s Daughter : Existence Is Horror

The St. Louis sludge metal outfit goes for the throat on their eclectic, intense new album.

Baroness Purple review

Baroness : Purple

The psych-metal band returns with a restatement of purpose and their most emotionally charged LP yet.

Horrendous Anareta review

Horrendous : Anareta

The Philadelphia death metal troupe pummel with artistry on their melodic, complex third album.

Mare Cognitum solar paroxysm review

Deafheaven : New Bermuda

The California black metal band amplifies both the beauty and darkness in their powerful new work.

KEN Mode Success review

KEN Mode : Success

The Winnipeg trio puts aside their metal tendencies for one badass, blistering set of noise rock.

yellow eyes immersion trench reverie review

Bosse-de-Nage : All Fours

The Bay Area black metal band’s fourth album — our Album of the Week — is a potent, poetic triumph for black metal.

best Voivod albums

Beginner’s Guide: Voivod

An introduction to the Canadian sci-fi thrash metal band.

GWAR add co-frontwoman to their line up

New character Vulvatron, first prominent female role for GWAR.

pallbearer sorrow and extinction review

YOB : Clearing the Path to Ascend

While metal goes through its midlife crisis, the Portland doom trio continue to age gracefully.

Pallbearer Foundations of Burden review

Pallbearer : Foundations of Burden

Little Rock quartet’s second is a triumph of doom metal ambition, as well as an album that transcends it.

Treble's editor airs his grievances

Pet Grief: The Top 10 Responses to our Metal list

Addressing the least common yet most amusing complaints about our recent feature.

Wolves in the Throne Room Celestite

Wolves in the Throne Room : Celestite

Washington black metal duo offers a transitional release of ambient material that works fine, but still feels like a minor release.

Psalm Zero The Drain

Psalm Zero : The Drain

A collaboration between Andrew Hock of Castevet and Charlie Looker of Zs/Extra Life, Psalm Zero draw from industrial metal sounds on their Profound Lore debut.

In Solitude Sister review

In Solitude : Sister

Swedish heavy metallers add some more gothic darkness and meaty riffs into their theatrical approach.

imperial triumphant vile luxury review

Gorguts : Colored Sands

Canadian death metal outfit continues to show outside-the-box innovation on their first record in 12 years.

Power Trip Manifest Decimation review

Power Trip : Manifest Decimation

On their Southern Lord debut, Dallas’ Power Trip carve up a badass thrash metal sound.