History's Greatest Monsters

Monster #1: Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music

Our inaugural monster bash begins with an infamous noise.

Skrillex vs. James Blake, or the dubstep License to Drive

The Wilhelm Whimper

Dubstep cage match? Or The Coreys for a new generation?

Strange Nostalgia

Strange Nostalgia: An essay on music and memories

Dissecting music’s strange emotional, nostalgic triggers.

“Take” Songs

You’ve been taken!

Pop songs as TV themes

From Waits to the Who, Weeds to The Wire.

Grunge Albums Better Than Bleach

Seattle’s (and a few other cities’) underdog grunge classics.

Passion Pit, in their winter best.

Live Review: Passion Pit

The Bowery Ballroom; New York, N.Y.

Scott McCaughey of the Minus 5

The Best Tracks of the ’00s, No. 8: Minus 5 – “Dear Employer”

The Minus 5 – “Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)”