Essential Tracks

Charly Bliss Heaven Essential Track

Charly Bliss’ “Heaven” is soaring alt-rock that lives up to its name

An alt-rock gem that stands apart from the indie rock landscape.

Noname debut album Room 25

Noname’s “Self” has a lot to say in just 90 seconds

A bite-sized song that’s as nourishing as a full meal.

Midlife Phase II essential track

Mildlife stretch “Phase II” into an epic fusion groove

The Australian group reconfigures a recent single into a stellar odyssey.

Bells Atlas Essential Track

Bells Atlas’ “Downpour” is intoxicatingly odd future-soul

A weird, wonderful and creative new gem of electronic R&B.

alabaster deplume gold review

Makaya McCraven splices a jazz session into a hypnotic stunner on “Black Lion”

An all-star team of jazz musicians edited into breaks and loops, with hypnotic results.

Pill Essential Track fruit

Pill’s “Fruit” is transcendent art punk

The Brooklyn band builds more layers of nuance into their dark, cool dance-punk sound.

Horrendous Devotion Essential Track

Horrendous’ “Devotion (Blood for Ink)” is death metal that’s both dirty and triumphant

The Philly death metal outfit offers a reminder of why they’re one of the best at what they do.

Foxtrott Essential Track

Essential Track: FOXTROTT crafts her heartbreak song on “Deliver”

MH Delorme crafts a vulnerable but lovely synth-laden tune.

Gouge Away Ghost essential track

Gouge Away’s “Ghost” redefines melodic hardcore

A furious blend of melodic hooks and emotionally intense throat-shredding.

Geotic Essential Track

Geotic’s “Gondolier” is laid-back, tranquil and fun

Will Wiesenfeld presents a more tranquil side of his musical persona.

Boygenius essential track

boygenius (Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus) are breathtaking on “Me & My Dog”

Three gorgeous voices in perfect harmony, pushing through the heartbreak.

Eric Bachmann essential track

Eric Bachmann crafts a deeply moving track on “Jaded Lover, Shady Drifter”

A simple, emotional new standout from the Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf songwriter.

john nocturnal manoeuvres review

Idles remain optimistic in post-Brexit punk anthem “Great”

Bristol post-punks remind us that we’re all in this together.

The Field Essential Track

The Field’s “Who Goes There” is a breath of robotic air

The first single from Axel Willner’s sixth album melds organic with AI sounds.