Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin SYRO tracklist

Stream the new Aphex Twin album, SYRO

Hear the IDM legend’s first new album in 13 years, in its entirety.

Aphex Twin SYRO tracklist

Endless Playlist: Aphex Twin – “minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]”

Richard James finally came back from that trip to buy cigarettes.

Aphex Twin Syro listening parties

Aphex Twin SYRO listening parties announced

Enter a lottery to be one of the first to hear the album.

Aphex Twin SYRO artwork

Aphex Twin SYRO artwork, ridiculous bio revealed

“Phex Twinnipicks material is still unquenched thirst.”

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin announces new album via Deep Web

Tracklist, and maybe BPMs revealed via ‘.onion’ domain.

aphex twin

Beginner’s Guide: Aphex Twin

A semi-caustic window into the brilliantly twisted world of Richard James.

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin Caustic Window test pressing sold for $46,000

All of proceeds going toward charity to be determined.

Boards of Canada

10 Essential IDM Albums

A look back at the cerebral electronic form known as IDM.

Aphex Twin twiddles some knobs

10 Essential Ambient Albums

The slow, serene and sometimes chilling sounds of synth.