essential track

Gouge Away Ghost essential track

Gouge Away’s “Ghost” redefines melodic hardcore

A furious blend of melodic hooks and emotionally intense throat-shredding.

Eric Bachmann essential track

Eric Bachmann crafts a deeply moving track on “Jaded Lover, Shady Drifter”

A simple, emotional new standout from the Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf songwriter.

The Field Essential Track

The Field’s “Who Goes There” is a breath of robotic air

The first single from Axel Willner’s sixth album melds organic with AI sounds.

Restorations channel all-too-familiar frustrations in “Nonbeliever”

A bummer anthem from a band who taps into a genuine contemporary angst.

Sumac Attis' Blade Essential Track

SUMAC bring more of a jazz approach to their titanic noise metal on “Attis’ Blade”

The colossal metal trio tightens up while embracing a freer sound.

Exploded View Sleepers Essential track

Exploded View wield beautifully controlled chaos on “Sleepers”

A curious dance between human beauty and machine menace.