Cassette Resurgence

Retro-Futurism: Are cassettes still a thing?

Ahead of Record Store Day, a long look at the tape’s return.


Cokemachineglow to cease publication

Website closing its doors after 13 years.

Urban Outfitters launches cassette program

Chain retailer seizes on lo-fi trend.

Condé Nast acquires Pitchfork Media

Don’t worry, The Pitchfork Review isn’t being phased out.

Treble's editor airs his grievances

Pet Grief: Griping about New Music Friday

The change in new release dates is kind of a bummer.


NME to become free weekly magazine

After 63 years, UK magazine drops the price tag.


Grooveshark shuts down

Streaming service ends as a result of settlement with major record companies.


Jay Z’s Tidal service re-launches with help from Kanye, Beyoncé

Artists changing Twitter avatar turquoise for marketing new streaming service.


Insound is shutting down

After 16 years, online retailer is closing its warehouse doors.

The racks at a record shop.

Industry to set Friday as global release day for new music

After decades of Tuesday being the U.S. industry standard for new album releases, the industry…

Urban Outfitters vinyl racks

Urban Outfitters claims to be world’s biggest vinyl retailer

Retailer garnering attention for something other than offensive T-shirts.


New Canadian regulations require higher fees for touring musicians

New fees put a heavy financial burden on small businesses and independent artists.