HEALTH new album Vol. 4 slaves of fear

HEALTH announce new album, VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR

The industrial noise rock outfit shares new track “Slaves of Fear.”

Silent Servant shadows of death review

Silent Servant : Shadows of Death and Desire

L.A. producer delivers a journey to the dark side of techno.

Street Sects Kicking Mule review

Street Sects : The Kicking Mule

The Texas industrial-punk duo’s sound grows more aggressive and darker on their second full-length.

Wax Trax documentary

Wax Trax documentary Industrial Accident finally coming to DVD

Story of the industrial records label coming to DVD.

Nitzer Ebb discography Celebrate the Catalog

Celebrate the Catalog: Nitzer Ebb

An album-by-album tour through the pioneering industrial group’s discography.

Ministry With Sympathy remake remodel alternate tracklist

Remake/Remodel: Stitching up Ministry’s ‘With Sympathy’

Redeeming the good name of a much-slandered synth-pop record.

Phal:Angst Phase IV premiere

Premiere: Stream post-industrial group Phal:Angst’s ominous new album Phase IV

Hear a stunningly apocalyptic new set of music from the Vienna band.

Uniform The Long Walk review

Album of the Week: Uniform – The Long Walk

The New York industrial group mix live drums and old-time religion with their overwhelming primal scream.

Nitzer Ebb box set

Nitzer Ebb announce career-spanning box set, Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010: the Box Set

Influential industrial group’s catalog coming to vinyl in career-spanning set.

Nine Inch Nails the trilogy alternate tracklist

Remake/Remodel: Combining the pieces of Nine Inch Nails’ trilogy

Combining the tracklists of Nine Inch Nails’ three new releases into one cohesive album.

danny elfman big mess review

Album of the Week: Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Reznor’s weirdest, most sax-heavy and “industrial” album in some time.

Uniform new album 2018

Uniform announce new album, The Long Walk

Hear new track “The Walk.”

The Body I Have Fought Against It review

The Body : I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer

The Portland duo’s least overtly metal album is also their heaviest.

Uniform The Body new collaborative album

Uniform and The Body team up for collaborative album

Hear the new track, “Come and See.”

Nine Inch Nails tour canceled

Nine Inch Nails announce new EP, Bad Witch, fall tour dates

Reznor and company announce tour dates with The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Godflesh Post Self review

Godflesh : Post-Self

Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green delve into their dronier avant-garde side.

Prurient new album Rainbow Mirror

Prurient shares dark, 15-minute track, “Falling in the Water”

Hear the lengthy, epic new industrial drone track.

Prurient new album Rainbow Mirror

Prurient announces new quadruple-album, Rainbow Mirror

Hear the 14-minute epic new track, “Naturecum.”

tomas nordmark exit ghosts review

Ben Frost : The Centre Cannot Hold

Australian producer pushes the extremes on the second of two releases this year.