R.I.P. industrial pioneer Genesis P-Orridge

Industrial pioneer has died at 70.

Penelope Trappes penelope three review

Album of the Week: Hilary Woods – Birthmarks

The Irish singer/songwriter’s second album is darker, more harrowing, and powerful.

P.E. Person review Album of the Week

Album of the Week: P.E. – Person

The debut from the new collab between members of Pill, Eaters is a trip

ONO I Dream of Sodomy essential track

ONO give up a chaotic funk on “I Dream of Sodomy”

The Chicago noise band hits a hard groove in the face of historical violence.

New Age Grate album premiere

Stream New Age Grate’s new dystopian EP, Tape One

Hear the menacing new cassette from the trio, featuring members of Giant Squid, Squalus and MRC Riddims.

P.E. interview

No Formal Language: An interview with P.E.

The Brooklyn band, comprising members of Pill and Eaters, discuss the non-traditional process of creating their industrial groove.

Pharmakon Bestial Burden Blood on the Tracks

Pharmakon’s “Bestial Burden” is a harrowing dirge of survival

The sound of a struggle for survival against one’s own body.

best electronic albums of 2020 Pod Blotz

Album of the Week: Pod Blotz – Transdimensional System

Suzy Poling offers a glimpse into the future via abrasive industrial techno pulses.

Ministry announce “Industrial Strength” tour with KMFDM, Front Line Assembly

The “Industrial Strength” tour launches in July.

Nine Inch Nails With Teeth vinyl

Nine Inch Nails announce vinyl reissue of With Teeth

Plus Birdbox score coming to vinyl.

1989: Industrial music’s year of living dangerously

It wasn’t just Nine Inch Nails moving industrial music to the mainstream in 1989.

Pigface tour dates 2019

Pigface announce first tour in 14 years

En Esch, Randy Blythe, Bruce Lamont and more participating.

best albums of 2019 so far Tr/st

TR/ST : The Destroyer-1

The Canadian group prove themselves worthy carriers of synthpop’s earnest flame.

Wax Trax Records documentary legacy

‘Industrial Accident’ reveals the fearlessness and folly of Wax Trax! Records

The new documentary on the label shows how it was a model for groundbreaking art, if not business.

Wax Trax documentary

Ministry to play early material on Wax Trax! Experience tour

Nothing after Psalm 69 to be played on Wax Trax! Experience tour.

Health Slaves of Fear review album of the week

Album of the Week: HEALTH – VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR

And industrial hellscape made all the more pop-friendly with a surprising accessibility.