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Drag City Records

Drag City Records is now on Spotify

Classic records from Smog/Bill Callahan, Silver Jews and Flying Saucer Attack available to stream.

Joanna Newsom Divers outtake

Joanna Newsom shares Divers outtake, “Make Hay”

Hear a new track on the anniversary of Divers.

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Joanna Newsom Divers

Joanna Newsom expands tour

Newsom adds run of West Coast U.S. dates.

Joanna Newsom Divers video

Joanna Newsom – “Divers”

Meet Joanna, the mountain goddess.

Joanna Newsom Divers review

Joanna Newsom : Divers

The singer/songwriter’s outstanding fourth album is one of her most concise yet complex.

joanna newsom divers review

Remake/Remodel: Joanna Newsom – Have One On Me

A re-edit that fits on one disc, instead of three.

Joanna Newsom most anticipated albums of fall 2015

Stream the new Joanna Newsom album, Divers

New album streaming for 48 hours.

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Most Anticipated albums of fall 2015

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Joanna Newsom most anticipated albums of fall 2015

Joanna Newsom announces new album, Divers

Watch the new video for “Sapokanikan.”

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Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom to narrate new Paul Thomas Anderson film, Inherent Vice

Newsom’s character is an “earth goddess”. Of course she is.

Joanna Newsom, lounging in excessive opulence

10 Double Albums That Make Better Single Albums

Sometimes a good album needs an edit to become great.

Live Review: Joanna Newsom

Live Review: Joanna Newsom

Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

Joanna Newsom : Have One On Me

Thrice the harp plucking and Thesaurus thumbing.

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