Roundtable: Build your own supergroup

Our ringers for lineups of extra-super supergroups.


New Prince EP pulled from iTunes, Apple Music after lawsuit

Deliverance EP no longer available for pre-order.

Prince new EP Deliverance

Listen to unreleased Prince track, “Deliverance,” from upcoming EP

New EP features six previously unreleased tracks.

Prince Vault

Prince’s music to return to streaming services

Warner Bros. catalog coming back to major streaming services.

Black Friday Record Store Day 2016

Prince, Erykah Badu, Death Grips on list of Record Store Day Black Friday releases

The Ramones, Rolling Stones, Bill Callahan also on list.

Prince 4Ever hits album

Prince hits album, Prince 4Ever, being released in November

Plus Purple Rain deluxe reissue on the way.

Prince Versace Experience

Prince breaks record for most expensive cassette sold

The Versace Experience makes $4,000 on Discogs.

10 Songs With Tasteful Handclaps

(Clap, clap) We celebrate (clap, clap) songs with (clap, clap) great handclaps (Clap!).

Prince Come

Come: Prince’s most deranged plot twist

The complicated narrative at the heart of one of The Purple One’s weirdest albums.

10 Essential Color Albums

Throughout pop music, there are various albums that are known only by their album cover’s…

Prince’s band, The Revolution, to play reunion shows

It’s entirely possible that no one person’s death has caused more reverberations in 2016 than…

10 Essential Triple Albums

It’s an impressive enough feat to make a double-length album that holds together well without…

Treble’s Top 100 Guitarists

First we honored our favorite drummers, assembling a round-up of those who bring intensity, pacing…

10 Essential Cold War Albums

“Yeah, everybody’s got a bomb.” In the 1980s, the Cold War was an inescapable aspect…

More Prince vinyl reissues on the way

After 2014’s vinyl reissue of Purple Rain, and recent vinyl releases of For You and…

Prince Vault

Purple Relics: 13 Prince rarities from the Vault

With the tragic and unexpected passing of Prince, one known fact has been made clear:…

D’Angelo pays tribute to Prince on Tonight Show

Tributes have been flooding in since the news of Prince‘s death last week, and tonight…

color albums purple rain

Prince returns to top of the Billboard Top 200

Prince has returned to the top of the Billboard album chart. His compilation album, The…

Prince memories

Treble Roundtable: Our Prince memories

Welcome back to the roundtable, in which Treble’s writers engage in a casual discussion on…