Hall of Fame

Os Mutantes album 1968

Os Mutantes’ debut album is a perfect distillation of chaotic joy

We take a look back at the classic album as it turns 50.

PJ Harvey Rid of Me hall of fame

The punishing primal scream of PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me

Harvey’s second album was the sound of a band at full strength, and on the verge of collapse.

Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions hall of fame 30th anniversary

Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back changed the shape of hip-hop

When this album dropped in 1988, hip-hop would never be the same.

Pulp This is Hardcore at 20

Pulp’s This Is Hardcore is still a shattering piece of work after 20 years

The album that killed Britpop loses none of its bite after two decades.

Iron Maiden Seventh Son hall of fame 30th anniversary

Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the band at their leanest, most focused

A look back at an iconic metal classic on its 30th anniversary.

Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man 30th anniversary Hall of Fame

Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man delivered an audacious comeback

Only under the right circumstances will Cohen’s 1988 masterpiece reveal itself to you.

Stars of the Lid The Ballasted Orchestra Twin Peaks

Stars of the Lid’s ‘The Ballasted Orchestra’ bridged Twin Peaks’ 26-year gap

How an imaginary soundtrack became inextricably connected to the series’ second coming

Bjork Homogenic Hall of Fame

Björk achieved peak poignancy and innovation with 1997’s Homogenic

Released in the middle of her career, Homogenic found Björk reaching an artistic peak.

the birthday party junkyard

The Birthday Party’s Junkyard turned post-punk upside down

Nick Cave and company’s most triumphantly turbulent moment, 35 years later.

Elvis Costello My Aim is True at 40

Revenge and Guilt: Elvis Costello’s My Aim Is True at 40

Revisiting an auspicious debut and the genius introduction to one of rock’s greatest songwriters.

Company Flow Funcrusher plus 20th anniversary

Company Flow’s ‘Funcrusher Plus’ was an epochal, inimitable debut

A look back at an underground hip-hop catalyst on its 20th anniversary.

Ice Cube Amerikka's Most Wanted Hall of Fame

Ice Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted was a pivotal cry for social justice

After NWA, Ice Cube took a step in an entirely new direction.

Yo La Tengo I Can Hear the Heart beating as one

Yo La Tengo’s I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One set a benchmark in indie rock

At 20, the New Jersey trio’s classic album remains a high water mark for indie rock.

Atari Teenage Riot Burn Berlin Burn

Atari Teenage Riot’s Burn, Berlin, Burn! started a digital hardcore riot

The German trio’s U.S. compilation might have been the most punk album of the ’90s.

Elliott Smith either or Hall of Fame 20th anniversary

Elliott Smith’s either/or is a statement of artistic freedom and cautious optimism

There’s real emotion on Elliott Smith’s landmark 1997 album; there’s also a musical genius having fun.

Heatmiser Mic City Sons 20th anniversary

Heatmiser’s ‘Mic City Sons’ built a bridge to Elliott Smith’s solo albums

How an ending for an underrated band segued into the rise of a great solo artist.