Treble’s Top 10

10 ambiguous album covers

10 Ambiguous Album Covers

The illusory, the surreal and the confusing.

10 essential slowcore albums

10 Essential Slowcore Albums

Slow and low, that is the tempo.

10 essential emo albums

10 Essential Emo Albums

Removing the stigma from a divisive genre.


10 Unfollowed Masterpieces

Ten flawless albums that left us hanging.

Brian Eno

10 Essential Solo Debut Albums

Ten artists that got it right the first time, after stepping out on their own.

10 Iconic Album Cover Artists

10 Iconic Album Cover Artists

The visual artists that made our favorite albums that much better.


10 False-start Debut Albums

When the first album doesn’t come out quite right.

10 essential dream pop albums

10 Essential Dream Pop Albums

With the Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Mazzy Star and more.

Pop Music Urban Legends

10 Pop Music Urban Legends

10 of our favorite tales of rock ‘n’ roll folklore.

A Place to Bury Strangers

10 Essential 21st Century Shoegaze Albums

The next generation of noise makers.

10 Albums That Would Make Great Films

10 Albums That Would Make Great Films

We imagine some of our favorites on the Silver Screen.

Bob Dylan

10 Essential Break-Up Albums

Ten amazing collections of heartbreaking tunes.

albums for history class

10(+2) albums for History class

A soundtrack for your next cram session.


10 Amazing 10+ Minute Songs

Our ten favorite epic tracks.

Top 10 Shoegaze Albums

10 Essential Shoegaze Albums

A roundup of our favorite dreamy noise-rock records.

10 Slept-on albums of 2010

10 Slept-on albums of 2010

Going back more than a year to revisit some lost gems.