Liturgy 93696 review

Liturgy : 93696

The experimental black metal group continues their path into unconventional realms

Roadburn 2022 lineup

Full of Hell, Liturgy, Ulver on Roadburn 2022 lineup

Plus Big|Brave, Alcest, Nothing, Primitive Man and more.

victory over the sun nowherer review

Liturgy : Origin of the Alimonies

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s new “opera” retains some of the black metal of their earlier days.

Liturgy HAQQ review

Liturgy : HAQQ

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix finds his focus again on this solid course-correction.

Liturgy new album H.A.Q.Q.

Liturgy releases new album, H.A.Q.Q.

Hear the surprise-released album in full.

Controversial Metal Albums

Shadow of the Horns: Celebrating Controversial Metal Albums

Some of the best metal albums that metalheads love to hate.

Kel Valhaal

Chaotic frenzy: A conversation with Kel Valhaal’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is no stranger to defying expectations. Following the New York black…

Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix announces new album as Kel Valhaal

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy has just announced a new solo project, Kel Valhaal. On July…

Glenn Branca

Members of No Age, Liturgy to perform Glenn Branca guitar symphony

No wave pioneer Glenn Branca made a name for himself though avant-garde compositions, noisy guitar-based…

Liturgy The Ark Work

Liturgy : The Ark Work

The transcendental black metal band substitutes new elements for their signature sound and it’s more confusing than anything.

Liturgy The Ark Work

Stream the new Liturgy album, The Ark Work

Hear the transcendental black metal group’s latest before its out.

Liturgy The Ark Work

Liturgy tour dates announced

First round of dates lined up in support of The Ark Work.

Liturgy The Ark Work

Liturgy announce new album, The Ark Work

Hear new song “Quetzalcoatl.”

Interview: Liturgy

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix talks the band’s recent reissue, and the new direction they’re taking on album three.

Liturgy Renihilation

Liturgy : Renihilation (reissue)

Liturgy’s debut is old school black metal with a twist, regardless of how they’ve been framed by purists.

liturgy renihilation

Liturgy announce Renihilation reissue

Plus band touring as a four-piece again.

Thrill Jockey Records

Thrill Jockey: 20 Years, 20 Albums

Celebrating the Chicago label’s milestone anniversary.

Top 50 albums of 2011

Top 50 Albums of 2011

Our 50 favorite long players in a year of musical riches.