Mr Foxx premiere

Premiere: Stream Mr. Foxx’s darkly atmospheric new album An Episodic Course

Hear San Diego-based Brian Strauss’ new ambient album before it’s released.

Nebula Rosa album premiere

Premiere: Stream Nebula Rosa’s eclectic, psychedelic debut album, Bengala

Hear the bilingual, gorgeous new album from the eclectic indie rock outfit.

EST Acropolis premiere

Premiere: EST’s “Acropolis” is dark and brooding, with a pop sensibility

Hear the moody new project from former members of Lowlands.

Soul Cannon album stream

Premiere: Stream Baltimore hip-hop outfit Soul Cannon’s funky, eclectic self-titled album

Hear the band’s groove-heavy album before it’s released.

The Hazytones Monarchs of Oblivion premiere

Premiere: The Hazytones deliver thrilling old-school, melodic doom on new album Monarchs of Oblivion

Hear the Canadian doom metal band’s new album before it hits shelves.

LMNOP Red Velvet premiere

Premiere: LMNOP indulges in electronic luxury in “Red Velvet”

Hear the rich and indulgent new electro jam from Zach Schwartz.

To End It All Beast Filth premiere

Premiere: To End It All’s “Beast Filth” is an apocalyptic noise landscape

Hear the blood-curdling new noise-scape from the Seattle-based duo.

Heartthrob Chassis Sister premiere

Premiere: Heartthrob Chassis buzz their way into a noisy freakout on “Sister”

Hear the new single from the new band fronted by Margaret Doll Rod.

Kinski new album track premieres

Premiere: Kinski announce eighth LP with two badass new tracks, “Kinski 101” and “Guest Girl Vocalist”

Hear the Seattle band shred through two very different but very Kinsky-sounding tracks.

Me In Capris premiere

Premiere: Me In Capris debut their ultra-catchy, harmony rich new EP, For Those Who Think You

Hear the super-catchy, extra-fun new EP from the Massachusetts indie rockers.

ST 37 track premiere

Premiere: ST 37 mix heavy psych with gallows humor on “Hollywood Cemetery”

Hear the ass-kicking new track from the Austin space rockers.

Kingnomad premiere

Premiere: Kingnomad lay down some psychedelic stoner rock with “Collapsing Pillars of the Earth”

Hear the bluesy psychedelic riffs of the Swedish band’s new single.

Earth Moon Earth It Begins video

Premiere: Earth Moon Earth go cosmic in their new “It Begins” video

Watch the desert band’s psychedelic, hypnotic new visual.

Fellow Robot premiere

Premiere: Fellow Robot take some ’90s inspiration in their “Clone Baby” video

See the Southern California band’s fun, fuzzy and psychedelic new clip.