Treble Roundtable

What happens when a room full of music nerds stops being polite and starts getting real.

Roundtable: Critical darlings, personal grievances

It’s time for the airing of grievances about bands we just can’t stand, no matter how beloved they are.

Roundtable: Build your own supergroup

Our ringers for lineups of extra-super supergroups.

Roundtable faith based music

Treble Roundtable: Keepin’ the Faith

Music of faith that speaks to Treble’s writers.

Election Roundtable

Treble Roundtable: A post-election soundtrack

We try to make sense of this election, or at least survive the aftermath through music.

Treble Roundtable: Growers, not showers

Treble discusses the albums that took time to grow on us.

Treble Roundtable: Comfort Albums

Welcome back to the roundtable, in which Treble’s writers engage in a casual discussion on…

Treble Roundtable: Our Prince memories

Welcome back to the roundtable, in which Treble’s writers engage in a casual discussion on…

David Bowie memories

Treble Roundtable: Our David Bowie memories

Sending off the Thin White Duke with our fondest memories.

Treble Roundtable: 2015 Trends in music

Treble’s editors tackle the threads that ran through the year’s best music.

Treble Roundtable: Musical Disagreements

We talk about our musical disagreements with friends, spouses and colleagues.

Eddie Murphy

Treble Roundtable: Guilty pleasure music

We talk about the music that we love, that sometimes people don’t think we should love.

Best Coast cat

Treble Roundtable: Make your own genre

Our favorite styles of music that don’t have a name.

Treble Roundtable: Live music marathon

In this edition of the roundtable, we ask what bands we’ve seen live the most, and what their best and worst shows were.

spring cleaning albums

Treble Roundtable: Spring cleaning

A roundup of our favorite music for straightening up around the house.

Treble Roundtable: Breaking up with the band

We break it off with the bands that let us down.

Bowie roundtable

Treble Roundtable : Waiting on You

The albums and events that we’re still holding out for, after all this time.

hurray for the riff raff honorable mentions 2014

Treble Roundtable: Honorable Mentions 2014

The albums we loved that didn’t make the list.

Treble Roundtable scary music stories

Treble Roundtable: Bump in the Night

Treble’s writers confess to real-life incidences of being terrified, or at least highly unsettled by music or videos.

Treble Roundtable: The Best Year For Music

We offer up our own thoughts on which year had the best musical gems.