Get Behind Me, Santa!

The War on Christmas music.

Hot Chip

The Casbah — San Diego, CA

The Rakes' 'Capture/Release'


A whole week of Perversity reviews—late looks at some great albums from 2006 (and then some).

Anna’s Wild Years

Not bad for a relatively new music geek.

Tom’s Wild Years

From Billy Bragg to Smokers Die Younger.

Jeff’s Wild Years

From 81 to the present.

Terry’s Wild Years

The first installment of a special Best Song Ever series.

The North Atlantic/Wax on Radio

Mercury Lounge, New York, NY – 9/28/06

Built to Spill

Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY – 10/03/06

Instant ’80s Box Set!

A best of the ’80s supplement of hand selected tracks.

Comets on Fire

Neumo’s Crystal Ball Reading Room, Seattle, WA 8-19-06

Siren Fest ’06-Recap

A one-man account of the wackiness of Coney Island’s free rock fest.

The Boy Least Likely To – Live

6/13/06 — Knitting Factory, New York, NY

The late, great J Dilla.


We’re only just now getting to these records? Now that’s perverse.

2006, Part Two

With the summer jams out of our system, we’re back to some random, yet great songs.


A Best Song Ever essay.

2006, Part one

It’s about damn time!

Part Two

An early ’06 look at unsigned acts home and abroad.

The Beatles

Long after the ’60s and ’70s lists, we recognize the band that trumped JC.